Press tools and molding equipment

About us

  • 2004 – business set-up
  • 2005 – first die release, sales at Ukrainian market
  • 2006 – entering the markets of Ukraine and Russia
  • 2009 – ASI trade mark registration

ASI LLC is a fast-growing producer of extrusion dies for aluminium profile sector. The company has a beneficial location in East Europe close to main markets. It exports up to 80% of the products. The success comes from high-skilled labour, quality materials (steel particularly), modern equipment, customers’ technical support, excellent service and desire to achieve a positive result.

Company activities

Development, manufacture, sales, supporting of dies and form-building equipment.

  • Die sets to manufacture aluminum profile.
  • Manufacturing of the special equipment for extrusion presses (die holders, supportive and basic rings, bolsters and bolster inserts, press-washers, cleaning press-washers, press-stamps, knifes of cutting of the press-rest, etc.) according to the customer drawings or own development.
  • Manufacturing adaptations for assembling / disassembling of matrix complete sets.
  • Manufacturing form-building equipment:
    – Dies for high-pressure moulding of aluminium, bronze, brass, plastic, rubber products; on sucelted models – driving wheels of centrifugal pumps (according to the customer drawings or own development);
    – Die rigging for forging pressing equipment (according to the customer drawings, and own development).
  • Services that relate to metal working.