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Commissioning of the new FANUC α-C400iA

07/07/2016 – commissioning of a new wire EDM ROBOCUT α-C400iA with CNC FANUC-310is, 5 coordinates, automatic wire threading device.

Specifications ROBOCUT α-C400iA
Flushing method Submersible
CNC system FANUC-310is
Max part dimensions (W x D x H) 700 х 600 х 250 mm
Мах part weight 500 kg
X, Y Move 370 х 270 mm
Z Move 255 m
U, V Move ±60, ±60 mm
The diameter of the wire 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm
Max. cutting speed 330 mm2/min
Wire threading method Automatic, air + injection, water
Surface roughness (may be better depending on cutting conditions) Ra 0,6-0,7 mkm
X/Y Positioning Accuracy 0,005 mm
X/Y  Repeatability 0,002 mm per 7 times
Max. taper angle/material thickness ± 30°/80 depending on the thickness of the metal
Max wire spool weight 16 kg
Power consumption 13 kWA
Power 220 W (±10%)
Compressed air consumption 100 l/min, dry, clean
Machine weight  1800 kg
Machine dimensions 1930 x 2270 x 1960 mm
Occupied area 2330 x 2670 (including service area)
Information I/O devices RS232 connector
PCMCIA memory card
USB memory stick
Ethernet network connection
Dielectric Cooling Unit Refrigerator
Tank with ion-exchange resin 10 liters
User manual Russian