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Molds and stamps


Manufacturing of molds for plastic molding, bending and conning stamps is a high-tech process that requires a proper level of professionalism, a lot of experience and accumulated knowledge. Shaping parts of molds and stamps affected by high pressure during processing and temperature changes. Therefore, the material of their basis must be particularly resistant and provides the required number of working strokes of the tool. Our company uses for this purpose a quality stainless steel Oberste-Beulmann (Germany) and Bohler (Austria) and other reputable manufacturers. Accessories and hot channels are of DME and the hardness of the forming surfaces is from 52 HRC.

The line of manufactured instruments covers a wide range of industries:

  • Molds for a plastic disposable utensils (fork, spoon, knife, mixer).
  • Molds for the manufacture of caps and plugs DoyPack, DoyFlip, FlipTop, PET, dispensers.
  • Molds and stamps for the sewing accessories.
  • Molds and stamps for furniture accessories.
  • Molds and stamps for automotive components.
  • Molds and stamps for construction products (dowels of various diameters and designs).
  • Molds for plastic toys.
  • Molds for the stationery.
  • Molds for fittings.
  • Molds and stamps for the medical products.
  • Molds and stamps for plastic components of PVC windows.
  • Molds for tiles of FEM, eurofence panels, concrete blocks.

And the other much more…

ASI molds and stamps for plastic molding are manufactured using modern CNC machines: HAAS, FANUC ROBOCUT, AGIE, etc. In addition, we use unique technological methods that allow us to release the tool with high precision and high quality guarantee. Term of manufacturing of a mold is 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the desired product. We guarantee the attractive prices, so the molds and stamps made by ASI are the most advantageous offer in the CIS.