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ASI LLC renders services on metalworking with use of modern machines with the management software and makes both individual and products in batches. Also, ASI makes products for tool purpose: dies, punches for moulds, stamps, molds for castling, seals, etc.

Services on metalworking:


Types of work

Characteristic of work



Electroerosive processing

A cutting of a complex contour: radius surfaces in flat details; internal slots, key seatings, asterisks, gearwheels with internal gearing; elements of stamps interface; matrixes, punches; flat patterns

The maximal sizes on axes:
X=320 mm,
Y=220 mm,
Z = 180 mm


Electropulse processing

Manufacturing (stitching) of apertures; sample of internal cavities; a burning out of external surfaces of a detail.

The maximal sizes on axes:
X=300 mm,
Y=250 mm,
Z = 250 mm


Turning processing

Manufacturing details such as bodies of rotation (shaft, disks, axes, fingers, pins, flanges, rings, cartridges, nuts, couplings)

An possibility of processing of details

in D up to 400 mm


Flat grinding processing

Grinding the tempered and not tempered details of various purposes

Length up to 1000 mm, width up to 350 mm


Milling on machine tools with management software

Creation of the set volumetric products of any complexity from the specified material

The maximal working course on axes:
X=850 mm,
Y=510 mm,
Z = 510 mm


Heat treatment

Hardening, product baking from steel of marks 1.2343; 1.2713; 1.2379; 1.2080.

A possibility to process the details
D up to 400 mm
and length up to 700 mm


Metalwork processing            

Filing, cutting down the deepenings, polishing, grinding in, adjustment and assembly of separate details; the works connected to the manufacturing and repairing of stamps of cold and hot punching; works on manufacturing the moulds to the moulds under pressure; works on manufacturing and repairing the adaptations used in production.

Workplaces are completed with the sets of the metalwork and measuring tools