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Pressing tool

“ASI” LLC production is equipped with facilities that provides a full cycle of manufacturing products, including:

  • Universal equipment: band saws (maximum cutting D 600 mm), lathes, surface grinder, universal milling machine.
  • Thermal section: shaft hardening furnace (temperature 1200°С), chamber furnace (temperature 1150°С).
  • Equipment with PU: machining centers (milling machines), electroerosive and electropulse machines.
  • Locksmith shop: precise manual processing of tools

Operators have higher specialized education and work experience of at least 8 years. Matrices are made exclusively from high-quality European steel 1.2344 (4X5MFS), capable of providing the best strength and wear resistance of products.
We have everything you need to create a pressing tool of any complexity: our own design base, well-equipped production, highly qualified personnel.
The formula for the quality of our products: exact compliance with customer drawings, maximum product life, stability in operation.

Application range:

  • Furniture (cabinets, trade and exhibition equipment, refrigerators, chest freezers, etc.)
  • construction (windows, doors, facades, sills, elements of stairs, escalators, elevators)
  • advertising (illuminated, billboards, prismatrons)
  • industry (heat exchangers, heating systems, electrical and electronic devices, conductors, contact networks, cases of electric motors, pneumatic cylinders, gas meters)
  • mechanical engineering (elements of bodies, windows, trim elements for salons and cars)
  • aircraft industry
  • light and food industry
  • space industry.

Making an order for a profile:
Determination of the manufacturability of pressing profile of the desired configuration;
assistance in placing an order for press production.
Development and agreement of profile drawings:

Practical assistance in the development and optimization of profile designs in order to increase the durability of the pressing tool and reduce the cost of its manufacture;
Development of drawings of the cross section (normal) profiles, including according the sample;
Participation in forecasting the timing of replenishment of tools at the client’s production by providing calculations of the theoretical tool durability.

Tests and correction of the pressing tool:

  • Recommendations for the pressing tool correction:
  • Proposals aimed at tool service life increasing and efficient use of pressing equipment: optimal operation of existing sets of pressing tools and universal equipment, their improvement or production of new ones;
  • Practical training for adjustors both at ASI and at the client’s production site.